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in a world of robots, i would die.

im having a slight problems with electronics lately.

my phone has decided it doesnt like to send text messages to certain people, specifically my mother. and i dont think my ex has been getting them either. which poses a problem because i have plans to take my son to disney for his birthday and communication will help greatly.

the main computer pretty much died. but B wiped it clean, got a new one off craigs list, and somehow managed to fix the old one enough to where he gave it to me to use for games :) and i am now using it to talk to you!

i JUST tried to post to the question of the day, got it all written out, looked to see that the only thing showing up was the text box, and not a single word of my post to go along with it.

B tried installing my sims 2 game on the lap top, but i would get to a point, it would freeze up in the middle of building, and i would lose everything i just did. thankfully, this computer now, that he just set up for me, wont have those complications...*crosses fingers*

i also just tried to set up a wishlist for my sephora account, and i went to see it, and of course, that wasnt there either.
so yeah, electronics seem to hate me. lets blame that for my dissappearance. i can build them just fine (its my job), but cant actually use them...

---on an unrelated note, how would you feel if i wound up posting something controversial and gauranteed offensive to some people, but amusing all at the same time?

What I talk about.:

B's birthday cake

The best part was that he had no clue we planned this for him!

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What I talk about.:

I'm not dead, I promise

First off, I haven't been ignoring you, my iPod has just been acting stupid. I think I need to just reformat the whole thing again, or something. It's like I have to turn it off and restart it several times a day sometimes, because the Internet pages won't load. Once I turn it off, and turn it back on, it's fine. I understand it's a computer and it needs that sometimes, but this is more often than it should be.

I've barely touched the laptop, it's been hooked up to another monitor in the garage to constantly play sports shows lol.

You will get house pictures as promised, I just need to take more since we've decorated more. Looking pretty good now :)

I've been reading "city of bones". I'm almost to the end, and it just had the worst plot twist ever. Pissed me off so bad! Lol

B just downloaded some busta rhymes for me :)

It's almost Halloween, I'm so so sooo excited! I just hope we have enough money to buy stuff soon, money has been awful.

B's birthday is monday. He's got 2 friends coming over to watch football, but he has no idea what else is planned for him lol. I got a friend of mine making him a cake, she does an amazing job, only costing me $35. It sounds steep, but it's a great price for the amount of work she puts into it. We've been plotting and planning the design together for over a month now. It's going to be awesome hehe. Also, he doesn't know it, but his best friend is stopping by with a gift for him. It's a surprise :) and I get to cook dinner for all the guys. They like it when I cook for some reason.

My daughters birthday was the other day. Omg she's 7 now, can you believe it? She doesn't know yet, but I'm taking her to Disney next weekend. My sister works there so she can get us in. I just hope all my plans go over without a snag. I'm so excited.

October is a big month!

It's after midnight. We both wound up falling asleep. He was watching football and I was reading. We worked today, totaling 14 hours overtime this week. So now we just woke up and decided to have a couple beers and listen to music for a bit. Not alot though, I gotta clean tomorrow since we have people over Monday.

So I guess I will let all you lovely people go for now, I shall see you soon :)

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What I talk about.:

The life and times of lucifer

Ever since the murder, he has seemed happier.

Wait. Let me back up a few weeks.

It started out with just a plain decorative glass bowl. Something simple, clean, matched the room. A layer of mixed brown and pink sand colored rocks lined the bottom, and I had added a few bulbs that would eventually grow into plants.

I knew all along which one I had wanted as my own, even before I arrived at the store. It was all planned out so perfectly... There he was, a stunning shade of red, the healthiest looking one (as healthy as you can get from walmart) all alone and trapped in a plastic container with 2-3 inches of stagnant water. I would rescue him and give him love.

We named him Lucifer, and this is his story.

B thought it looked too plain, the plants had barely started growing so it was pretty much a bowl with water. I wasn't really planning on expanding, til he handed me $50 and said, "go buy fishy a new home!"

So that's what I did. Got a real cute little 5 gallon tank, the filter and light included. Bought a couple fake plants and a centerpiece rock thing. I didn't really want to go in the direction of fake plants, but it actually helped liven it up quite nicely.

The plants have grown quite alot since that picture was taken. It's like all of a sudden they just shot up and take over the back wall of the tank. Not in a bad way, though.

Anyways, a couple weeks went by and I had originally wanted a snail to be his companion. I had a yard sale with my mom, so afterwards she drove me to the pet store in her area (since there aren't any around here whatsoever). I finally found a snail (carefully picked out at random by the girl at the shop), and we decided to try our luck with a bottom feeder. He was only a couple bucks, so if they didn't get along, then it really wasn't a big loss.

Backtracking just slightly, might I interject that once we moved the red devil into the big tank, he went insane. I think it was the filter that pissed him off. The current would push him slightly in a certain spot, making him swim harder for a second. Also, at night, if his light was on, he would see his reflection in the glass in one particular spot and always puff out, ready for a fight when he saw it. In the following week or so, B he'd spotted him swimming around like a crazy person--er, betta--and throwing himself into the rocks and fighting his reflection, and once I even saw him jump up OUT of the water.

Anyways, back to the story at hand.

The sucker fish and snail arrive home, and things are great. Of course, the first few minutes consisted of him stopping to eyeball each one of them carefully. We thought he might attack, but he didn't. They all seemed compatible for the most part. And damn, that sucker fish cleaned the tank so good!

Things were going fine, then lucifer got sick with ick. But we bought fishy medicine and he's all better now.

Everyone was alive, healthy, active...but lucifer started acting strange. He gave me quite a scare a couple times. He would just lay near the bottom, or shove himself under a rock, or in the plant, literally looking like he was dead. Apparently he was just sleeping.

Then it happened. I awoke yesterday morning for my daily routine, feeding the fish and all. I knew the sucker fish never really did much but attach himself to things and eat slime. But something was wrong. I didn't notice it right away. But then after a few minutes of careful observation, I noticed he wasn't moving. AT ALL. Not even his fins or gills to show breath. Then I noticed he wasn't attached to anything, just lying there, hovering slightly at an angle, eyes wide open, but glazed over, as if staring into an abyss.

Lucifer had killed my sucker fish. My poor little bottom feeder who gave me less work in regards to cleaning the tank.

So I nudged him with the net for a second, the see if maybe he was toying with me, hoping he would wriggle off and attach his little speckled brown body to something else. But it didn't happen. He just sort or floated up sideways and fell into my net. Then I flushed him.

Funny though, now that he's gone, we've noticed lucifer swims around more like a normal fish. He seems...happier.

B made a joke this morning. He said, "now should we change his name to Albert Fishy??"

Bonus points to anyone who gets that reference.

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It's always about everything and nothing

Thanks to all who haven't deleted me yet. I do appreciate it. I have yet to read all your stuff, but I will. Need to force myself back into the land of the Internet. Lol

So, the show must go on, and it's time once again for...
Random updates!
(I know you guys miss this bullshit)

So right now I'm sitting in the man-cave (I'm allowed in here sometimes) and burning a cd. It's about frigging time. Hell, it takes me forever even to put anything on my iPod for work. I've been meaning to make this cd for months now.

You're probably been wondering where I've been. Through careful observation, hopefully you've come to the correct assumption that I've been moving. So yay!

The house is great, it's clean, it's roomy, and we have tons of new stuff purchased off craigs list, and we got the money by selling some old stuff. Still need a fish tank and a pool table, but that will come in time...

Pictures will follow soon.

So I finally turned 31 at the end of June. I'm officially over 30 now, and sometimes I feel as if my body hates me.

Work has been a crazy fucked up roller coaster. But I think that needs it's own post. In short, they finally hired me, I got a raise, they moved me to a different department where "my skills will be better utilized" (but so far that hasn't stopped them from working me in 3 different departments), my old job is up for bid, they laid off someone else, and I got shorted my vacation pay from the temp agency. Fun stuff.

I'm super crazy broke right now. I need to find an easy (and legal and not stripping) way to come up with an extra $50 a week. Anyone have suggestions? Like legitimate things online that will pay you and isn't a scam? I'm always cautious about that stuff.

I'm seriously craving fries or hashbrowns right now.

We decided not to smoke inside the new house, just in the garage. And seriously, I'm lazy so it's a hassle and I just don't feel like going to the garage all the damn time. So we've been smoking substantially less, which is a good thing. Saves money.

I'm tired, sore, and kinda feeling like crap right now (girl problems, sorry lol), so I've run out of things to say at the moment.

I wish you all well, don't forget about me, and I will return shortly. Love you guys!

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Even kitty likes to party

Found him passed out in the garage this morning...


More real stuff to come later on. Promise.

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Running to the edge of the world

So, as you may or may not know, we've been trying to save to move for awhile now. We had a good little amount going, but unfortunate events happened and B had to use a lot of it to go to Michigan to see his mom.

Anyways, we know we won't be able to stay here forever, and I finally set the ball moving for getting out from under this house. Well, out of nowhere, B found the perfect house on one of his iPhone apps.

2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, great kitchen, a little bigger (but not too much) than where I'm at now, plus the washer and dryer are already there. AND it's less than 10 minutes from work.

We look at these apps all the time, but this time around, we actually decided to start actually looking.

Well, making a long story short, the house is adorable. Really cozy, nice amount of space, and a decent looking neighborhood. We saw one other, but we still liked this one much better.

After a little discussion, I dropped off the rental application yesterday, and sometime tomorrow, we will have an answer. I just hope the credit checks go ok. They go on individual basis, so even if it's not great, there's a chance we can still get it.

Omg I'm excited and nervous and REALLY want this place. We both do.

So wish me luck, pray, send positive energy, sacrifice a goat, whatever.

I'll let you know what happens *crosses fingers tightly*

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*sings* what i like about you!

this is a cute little thing i stole from dqbunny. i personally thought it was a great idea. and in the midst of my absence, i though it would be a great way to show you guys i do still love you :P

so get to it!

Post a comment, and I will reply with one or two reasons why I think you're great. In return, you have to post this same meme on your blog and comment for other people.

What I talk about.:

I would sell my kidney

The problem of formulating a plan after you think you have been defeated, is that it tends to get your hopes up, sometimes only to have them tossed back onto to floor.

And the fact that I'm getting so emotional over seeing a god damn concert is fucking pathetic.

It all started weeks ago, when my boss informed us we are not allowed to request any time off beginning at that moment up until AFTER inventory, which takes place the first week of July. Normally, I wouldn't care so much. However, under these particular citcumstances, it just so happens that my birthday falls right BEFORE that.

I got over it.


3 days ago I decided to check the florence and the machine website just for fun. Well holy shit fuck me sideways, they are playing IN ORLANDO THE DAY AFTER MY BIRTHDAY ON A THURSDAY.

The plan:
I need to talk to my boss, and find out if the rumors are true, that inventory may have been moved up a week. No one has said it officially yet though. Just been talked about here and there. BUT if that's correct, it is possible that I MAY be able to take Friday and the weekend off...

Part one of my master plan has failed. I repeat: PLAN HAS FAILED.

I asked, inventory has been moved up a week, however, we STILL can't take off until after the first week of July. But, I'm coming to terms with this, B assures me they will be back on tour in the future, and everything will be ok. Lol.

I guess I've just been overly emotional this week, due to hormones, and how this past month has played out.

But yeah, I really would do anything to see this show...next time.

Sent from my iPod

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My favorite sign in the building

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