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Writer's Block: The name game

Have you and/or your friends ever picked nicknames for people without their knowledge? What was the funniest, and why did you choose it?

this seems to be a popular thing inside of the workplace. people are always coming up with the funniest shit to call people. 
a list of some things ive heard in the past:
-squirrel (the guy always wore REALLY short shorts, and well, you can imagine.)
-freddy kruger (yeah, he looked like the guy who played freddy)
-"to catch a predator" (looked like someone you would see on the news that was a child molester)
-my boss calls a co-worker "re-re" (its short for ry'shaud, but its funnier. but he knows and answers to this one.)
-my boss calls me caroline. she actually has no idea why.
-my former group leader in another department calls my boyfreind "ponytail".

theres been quite a few others, but i cant recall all of them. if i do, i'll add them to the list.
but i think the ultimate one i came up with is this one:
-serial killer. no really, this guy is very freindly towards all the women, very polite, always gives us candy. but hes a little weird too. you know, like all those people you hear stories about, "oh, they were such a nice, normal person..."

i always joke about everyone seeing me on  the biography channel, on a special about him. especially since now hes been making small talk about where i live, and i KNOW i never told him that. it actually creeped me out a little LOL.

plus he's got the perfect cover. he walks around with a huge trash bin at work. perfect fit for hiding a body...

It's the end of the world as we know it.

So apparently, the apocalypse is supposed to take place this Saturday.
I just don't get it...

Just one more reason that I swear sparton is trying to kill us all off.

12 days and counting, totaling (so far) 8 12 hour shifts, 2 10 hour shifts, and 2 8 hours shifts. That's including tomorrow, but not including the 10 on Saturday, 8 on Sunday, and back on 12s on Monday.

The paycheck will be nice, but due to work, I have yet to be able to spend any REAL quality time with B. I've literally been working every day since before he got back.

But hey, looking on the bright side, they are TRYING to get us a 3 day weekend next week.

As for the coming apocalypse, I think that's hilarious. I wonder how it will all go down...

Maybe a giant ball of fire, or another ice age. Maybe zombies!! Or the earth will be swallowed up by a great big monstrous black hole!!!!
What do you think?

What I talk about.:

It's been awhile

Hey guys.
This is one of those unsubstantial posts we talked about.

Well, maybe not kind of. We'll see.

I've been home alone since Wednesday. Last week, B learned that his mom wasn't doing very well (she's been sick for awhile). It's like she'll be doing ok, then get worse, then get better, then get really worse. So he went to Michigan with his aunt to go see her.

I wound up taking one day off of work, and one day I left early, and somehow I still managed to work 51 hours.

Been spending alot of time with my mom though. Guess she doesn't want me to have to be alone. At the same time, I think shes trying to get me fat.

See, she's taken me out to eat every day since he left (except Wednesday when I really was too tired to feel like getting off the couch).

Thursday was Chinese.
Friday was country kitchen, to go see an Elvis impersonator.
Yesterday was long John silvers.
And today is probably beef o'bradys with my sister and stepmom.

It's working though, I've gained a few pounds. I checked the scale and I was like, no no no no NO. So immediately I did some wall push-ups then got on the stepper.

It's officially "operation: lose 5 pounds before B gets back next week."

Shouldn't be too hard though, whereas most of it is probably superficial, and the rest I just gotta stop eating so much crap, or at least less of it.

Yesterday was spent cleaning, after I got off work. I asked my mom to help me get the spiderwebs out of the front windows, and it turned into "let's organize the kitchen". Remind me to never spend THAT much time cleaning with my mother again, she can be so frustrating. I still have a pile of papers on my dining room table that neither of us has any clue what to do with.

It'll get done though. Eventually.

I'm going to try and catch up with all you guys today, read my friends list and whatnot. Honestly, the computer hasn't even been turned on since Tuesday.

I really miss him. It's been so hard to actually sleep all the way through the night, without waking up at least once. Usually it works out to me falling asleep on the couch and eventually realizing I need to get my ass to bed.

He's going to be jumped on his return, I assure you. LOL

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I think I might call in to work today. I think my hair turned orange over night.

Honestly, I feel like I might cry if I have to leave the house like this...

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In the process...

Or should I keep it like this?????? LOL

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its about time

well, i wound up working 11 days straight, totaling 110.5 hours. absolutely exhausting. but the paycheck was nice. i mean, i dont want to work that much again, but i kinda hope i do, cause we really need that money if we want to move. hopefully we will have enough saved before summer is over, i dont know how long this air conditioner will last LOL.

so, i downloaded the lj app for my ipod, and it worked great the first time. the post i made with a picture of my daughter was made by using that. but this time, i went to use it again, but couldnt seem to find the option to add a picture. what am i doing wrong???
EDIT: nevermind, i figured it out.

had a yard sale yesterday and all the kids came over. it was slow at times, but we wound up making $80, so it was all good. sold a bunch of my clothes to a lady from work for her teenage daughter. i only charged her $20, even though i could have gotten more, but since she previously bought the entire set of sookie stackhouse novels from me for $20 (i was only gonna charge $1 a book at a yard sale) and gave me $15 for a bunch of makeup and lotions and body sprays, i figured id give her a deal since shes been a good customer.

been using a self tanner/body lotion from jergens since my legs are ghostly white. not kidding. its working ok, i can tell a difference, but not nearly enough to wear shorts yet LOL.

got a $10 off coupon for kohls, so i went and bought a really cute shirt (originally $28, on sale for $14) and only paid $4 for it. i love kohls because of their sales.

im sitting here right now with an old raggedy t-shirt on my head. "why", you ask? im taking the black out. no im serious. it was a hard decision, and it took me forever to work up the nerve to buy the color remover, and took me 3 days to get the courage to actually use it, but its happening. dont worry, im not leaving it orange. results will be posted if it looks good when im done. ive had black for YEARS. i like the black, but ive been wanting to do something with highlights. if i hate it, a box of black dye doesnt cost too much.

we decided to start to try and sell jewelry. B got some really nice peices, and they all finally came in, so we are going to attempt to start selling to people at work tomorrow. he already sent some pictures to a few girls at work who we know love to buy that shit. we have 2-3 people lined up already. hopefully itll catch on and can make some money. im spoiled, so i got to pick out one of the rings for myself *grins*.

this weekend has been good. we just sat around watching antique car auctions and top shot. today was a good, relaxing, "just spending time with you" sorta day.

it must have been fate

so a few months back, the radio station we listen to at work started playing this song. it was hard to hear at first, but i was interested.

so about a week later during a drunk music listening night i decided to look up the station and find the song. it was florence and the machine "dog days are over".
i played the video, kept bouncing around, so B looked it up and told me to download the album. i was all like, "but what if the rest of it sucks??? i only like that song!!!" but he insisted, so i did.

the next hungover morning, he was still asleep so i checked it out.

im glad i did. it was more than decent and i felt that most of the songs i could really get into. so last week i put it on my ipod to listen to at work. decided to just listen to that album a couple times.

well yesterday i came across one song in particular.

and i looked for it today specifically during break.

well honestly, i dont know how many times i listened to it today. i swear, not many songs can stir up emotion, but this song gives me chills. it sounds powerful, her voice is absolutely amazing, theres something magical in this piece of music.

so now i share it with you. because this bitch can sing.

a day in the life


Alarm goes off- eyes flutter for a second and close again.

Awakened once again to the sounds of monster magnet from my alarm, realizing that yes, it is in fact time to wake up.

me in the morning


No, not really. This will be boring as shit.Collapse )
Ok so I was going to update with something cool last night, turned out to be more work than first thought. Had to rotate all my pictures.

Anyways, I started feeling gross last night so I had to stop and go to bed.

Just finished the pics and the page froze. It will be up shortly hopefully.

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