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I'm not dead, I promise

First off, I haven't been ignoring you, my iPod has just been acting stupid. I think I need to just reformat the whole thing again, or something. It's like I have to turn it off and restart it several times a day sometimes, because the Internet pages won't load. Once I turn it off, and turn it back on, it's fine. I understand it's a computer and it needs that sometimes, but this is more often than it should be.

I've barely touched the laptop, it's been hooked up to another monitor in the garage to constantly play sports shows lol.

You will get house pictures as promised, I just need to take more since we've decorated more. Looking pretty good now :)

I've been reading "city of bones". I'm almost to the end, and it just had the worst plot twist ever. Pissed me off so bad! Lol

B just downloaded some busta rhymes for me :)

It's almost Halloween, I'm so so sooo excited! I just hope we have enough money to buy stuff soon, money has been awful.

B's birthday is monday. He's got 2 friends coming over to watch football, but he has no idea what else is planned for him lol. I got a friend of mine making him a cake, she does an amazing job, only costing me $35. It sounds steep, but it's a great price for the amount of work she puts into it. We've been plotting and planning the design together for over a month now. It's going to be awesome hehe. Also, he doesn't know it, but his best friend is stopping by with a gift for him. It's a surprise :) and I get to cook dinner for all the guys. They like it when I cook for some reason.

My daughters birthday was the other day. Omg she's 7 now, can you believe it? She doesn't know yet, but I'm taking her to Disney next weekend. My sister works there so she can get us in. I just hope all my plans go over without a snag. I'm so excited.

October is a big month!

It's after midnight. We both wound up falling asleep. He was watching football and I was reading. We worked today, totaling 14 hours overtime this week. So now we just woke up and decided to have a couple beers and listen to music for a bit. Not alot though, I gotta clean tomorrow since we have people over Monday.

So I guess I will let all you lovely people go for now, I shall see you soon :)

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